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MY POLYMER CLAY JOURNEY: Creating Practical Tools With Polymer Clay - SPOOL KNITTING

Way back when, I remember one of the coolest things my Dad taught me was what he had done as a
A Bergie Creation - I made it with polymer clay and wire
child. Decades ago thread spools were made from wood. When you hammered four or so fine nails around the centre hole of a thread spool, using some yarn and another nail or hook type implement to move the yarn up and over each nail head...well, you were able to create knitted tubes. This is known as spool knitting. My Dad told me they would knit the tubes long enough and then coil them into a spiral formation. Using some thread (maybe from the very same spool?) they stitched the knitted coil tube to create a pot holder and if big enough, a small rug!
 Happily my dear Dad made one and I began spool knitting till my hearts content. In fact the trend caught on and during the seventies and since, companies were producing plastic spool knitting
This looks like something my Dad could have made!
devices in a variety of sizes. Before you knew it, you could whip up a warm toque or tube socks! My Mom taught me how to knit conventionally, as well as crocheting, skills I was grateful to learn and Dad inspired me to think outside the box.

Lately as my interest in wire  wrapping and wire weaving, wire knitting and crocheting have re-entered my creative journey, I decided to make my own spool to knit with wire. Yes, I did find a device or two for sale online. But, wanting to make my own (save a few bucks), I decided I could make it myself.
How Did I Create A Spool To Knit On?
Sorry, I didn't take pictures  or videos, so I have to explain what I did.
Tools Needed:
Polymer Clay
A sturdy cardboard tube or rolled yardstick. 
Scotch or masking tape 
18 gauge half Hard Wire cut into about 6 2 inch lengths
A Baking tray for polymer clay
Some Clay Tools
Needle Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters 

1. The cardboard tube I used was about 1 inch or smaller across. My husband cut me a piece about 2 inches long.
2. You can make a four prong spool, but I wanted a 6 prong one. (If I make another one,, I will be sure to take photos of the steps)
If you look at the spool I made here, you can see the shape of my 18 gauge wire prongs.
I folded each cut length almost in half. To make sure the wire stayed anchored in the clay, I used my pliers to curve the wire end on one side and ran tape on only one side of my long skinny "U" wire shaped prong. So the clay could attached and be folded around the wire well.
(I know it sounds confusing, so I just decided, it would be best to illustrate how I did this)

....Hold that thought folks! I shall return with illustrations/photos of my steps to better show how to make your own spool for spool knitting wire, cord, string or yarn!

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