Sunday, July 3, 2016

WHISTLE WHILE YOU WHITTLE. DIY. Meet My Dad! He Shows Us How To Make A Whistle From A Tree Branch!

Watch My Dad Below! Click the video.
Carving or Whittling, is a great three dimensional way to create. I use to love whittling with my Dad's jack knife and a piece of branch or wood. In fact, I now have been enjoying carving baked polymer clay. So this video definitely, qualifies as a HeArtfully Creating activity because  it is about fun and creating!

In this cool video I get to introduce my great Dad! He shows us how to make his super cool whistle!
Eagle by my Dad R.J Harris ("Bob" to hi friends)
Creating this musical instrument involves carving or whittling." He used to make these when we were kids. Since then, I had told friends about his whistle making ability (one of his man, many abilities) but, I could never seem to make one myself. I knew it had to be a tree branch from spring time, that you needed my Dad's jack knife, but I never could make it.

Yay! I was able to get him to come over and let me video him creating one, so I my husband and I can not only learn, but I can share it with anyone I want to!

Caution: Make sure you never use a knife or sharp tool like that to carve or whittle wood, without parental permission and supervision. Again, as you watch Dad work, you will learn why safety must be first!
Enjoy watching my Dad make his fun branch whistle!
Bonus Feature!
My Dad is also a visual artist, he doesn't just build furniture, houses, decks, whistles and beyond...He also paints and draws. It is most likely that I became an artist because I was inspired by my Dad's art work even before I can remember!
So watch closely as I shared some of his many beautiful landscapes through out his whistle tutorial!

Enjoy watching. Just click below to watch my great Dad showing us how to make a musical instrument out of a tree branch! The best time to prune trees and shrubs is in the spring, so this doesn't harm trees. It works best with a poplar branch or something similar.

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