Tuesday, July 5, 2016

DIGITAL DRAWING: Illustrating to Convey A Point, Or To Tell A Story

Illustrating to Express A Thought or Make a Point
Something that I often need are drawings or cartoons to illustrate a point or a story in some of my other blogs and videos. (Click here to see a previous article about drawing with a mouse) We all grew up with story books being read to us. And the really memorable ones usually had incredible illustrations. Illustrations are all about drawing for a purpose. Especially if you are a Graphic or Commercial artist, or, you like to write and illustrate your own children's books. The ideas and uses are endless! You can become a graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, fashion illustrator...like I said, the possibilities, endless!
Drawing With A Purpose
Yesterday, I created this cartoon. If you are familiar at all with the Star Wars saga, you may think as I once did...Darth Vader is remembered forever saying to Luke Skywalker..."Luke, I am your father." Is that not how we all remember it? I have seen that episode at least ten times in what, thirty years?! Well it turns out, we are remembering it falsely because when we actually watch the movie, he says this....
Original Digital Hand Drawn Illustration by Anita Berglund, 2016
Are you surprised? If you know nothing about what I am saying regarding Star Wars, the lesson about illustrating or drawing with a purpose, still applies :o)
So if you love drawing, think about what you can do with it, if you want to make a living. There are others who often commission artists like us, to create drawings or illustrations for their own web sites, blogs, books and magazines...endless, remember!

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