Friday, July 29, 2016


Yay, here is the  video I mentioned last week about what I did with Pebeo Fantasy Paints! So far I love the cool effects they can create but, polymer clay remains my favourite medium. However, I definitely recommend trying out any new art making materials that you want. Creating is all about having fun. I recently told a frustrated young artist that making art is about having fun. and not something torturous. It was his first time drawing and I think he thought he had to create photograph like image. Hopefully he knows now that if he isn't enjoying art making, then maybe he's  trying too hard! Relax, have fun and experiment with different media or art making tools. You may find something you jut love doing or find out you love a little this and a little that!
HeArtfully Creating!
Anita :o)

Want To See More About My Pebeo Experience? Watch My New Video Here!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Yay, we are enjoying our first hot summer day, 37F on our thermometer! In our city in Northwestern Ontario, that is a huge event. Do I hang outside in this weather? Nope, not anymore. Since creating art is what I love doing daily, I enjoy the weather from inside. But it is nice to know I can go outside without shivering :o)
The number one medium I used for most of my artistic career has been Acrylic paint on canvas. In the last eight years, my focus changed to jewelry making and design using beads, wire and such. And the lasT year and a half, my new favourite medium of course is, polymer clay. Which means, I haven't worked on very many two dimensional works of art since eight years ago. There are a few exceptions though. What are they you ask?  I discovered a really cool oil based paint called "Pebeo Fantasy Paints." Not only can you use them on polymer clay pieces to create really beautiful special effects,  you can use them on glass, wood, metal and epoxy resin and, I am sure more surfaces than that! I used Pebeo's glass paint "Vitral," to re-furbish an old pair of metal framed glasses!
When you drop in the paints with a tooth pick or eye dropper pipette type device, the paints have a special formula that causes them to actually move and transform into really cool designs. It reminds me of molecular or chemistry images. The Moon paints contain Mica powder for the shimmer, metallic look and it is the Prisme (Prism) paints that create a honeycomb look!
You don't use a paint brush on these paints in order to get the proper effect. Stirring the paints prior to use is critical in order to maximize the effects they offer. Other wise ingredients like mica will just sit on the bottom. I used disposable pipettes as you can see in my photos to keep it as neat as possible. Toothpicks or skewers work well also to stir and to use as a dripping mechanism.
Because they are oil based, it does take a long time for them to dry. Soap and water clean up is not possible. I love what they paints do. Glad I bought them and tried them on a variety of surfaces. Just see below to find out what I did.

Take a look below to see but a mere sampling of what Pebeo Paints are capable of.

This is a preview to let you know the next HeArtfully Creating video will be all about Pebeo. So stay tuned or subscribe so you can find out as soon as I have it posted. (Just started working on it :o)
 Pebeo On Canvas
Painting In process by Anita Berglund - Pebeo Fantasy Paints and outline or "leading" paint for outlines. 

As well, using their tubes of acrylic based imitation "leading" or outlining paint, I had great fun drawing abstract designs and then dropping in the fantasy paints. Oh, and I also delved into epoxy resin. Made some pendant bases and again, dropped in Pebeo paints to create some gorgeous molecular effects.
Painting In process by Anita Berglund - Pebeo Fantasy Paints and outline or "leading" paint for outlines.  Then I dropped in Pebeo Fantasy and some Vitrail paints.
Paintings by Anita Berglund - created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints 2015

Pebeo On Resin
I was having great fun, learning how to make epoxy resin pieces. Some more on that adventure in the future. Once the resin cured after 24 hours, I was able to drip on the Pebeo Fantasy Paints to create some incredibly beautiful pendants. 
 by Anita Berglund - these pendants were created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to resin pieces and jewelry bezel settings. 201
 by Anita Berglund - these pendants were created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to resin pieces and jewelry bezel settings. 2015 
Pebeo On Metal Jewelry Bezels
 by Anita Berglund - this pendant was created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to a jewelry bezel setting. 2015
by Anita Berglund - this pendant was created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to a jewelry bezel setting. 2015 
by Anita Berglund - this pendant was created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to a jewelry bezel setting. 2015
by Anita Berglund - this pendant was created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to a jewelry bezel setting. 2015
by Anita Berglund - this pendant was created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to a jewelry bezel setting. 2015
by Anita Berglund - this pendant was created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to a polymer clay  disc that I made. 2015 
by Anita Berglund - this pendant was created with Pebeo Fantasy Paints applied to a resin base that I made. 2015

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

HOWARD THE TURTLE - Polymer Clay Unplugged - How To Make A Turtle Trinket Holder - Part 2

I know I keep changing my polymer clay segment titles, makes searching for it confusing. But I have a new title I like to hopefully, I will stick with POLYMER CLAY UNPLUGGED. On that note here is Part 2 of Howard the Turtle, Unplugged - the video.

Make The Most Out Of All "Oops!" Moments
Making Howard was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot and hope that you will try creating a critter for fun. If you haven't already :o) It never has to be "realistic." Have fun with all you make.
Creating should never be a chore or torturous. It relaxes me and brings a smile to my heart. However, I would be lying if I said every step of the way has been one big "Woo Hoo!" moment. As you can imagine the frustration did increase when I just couldn't get his shell to fit right no matter how many times and days I spent carving and reshaping things. But, it was all turned into a great learning experience and making a second shell was easier because I already knew how now.
So my "oops!" moments turned into Woo Hoo moments!
And making your characters fun or cartoon like, takes the pressure off worrying about realism. It did help me to at least look at photos of real turtles. I wanted him believable but not photo realistic. He is
supposed to make you smile.
Even if you plan on creating something to be a certain way and it doesn't go the way you planned, always problem solve. Make the best of every "mistake." In fact don't even consider them mistakes. Because if you modify whatever it is, to work out in a different way, it is no longer a mistake or flawed. It becomes just the way you wanted it to be!
I would love to hear from you if you have created character from polymer clay, or if you have ideas, questions, thoughts or feedback! Just write them in the comments below or down below the YouTube channel video.

HeArtfully Creating,

Monday, July 18, 2016

HOWARD THE TURTLE IS COMPLETE!- DIY Polymer Clay Unplugged: The Movie. From His Beginning To The End of Part 1 of 2

Creating HeArtfully
For the past 4-5 weeks, I have been working on my first Turtle, that is meant to be a Doo-Dad Holder or trinket box. Click here to see the first article when I first introduced him and here for the second article  when he was a work in progress. He didn't become Howard until I decided that the sea turtle I started out making for a young friend's special event, just wasn't turning out how I wanted it to be. So when my husband expressed his enjoyment of my turtle thus far, calling him "Howard the Turtle."  I decided I would make him just for my Hunny Bunny. That meant turning him from sea to a land or four legged turtle. Turns out his friend use to call him Howard the Turtle and Howard was a puppet turtle character on an old 50-60s kid show called RAZZLE DAZZLE on our national television station called the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). It was really neat to discover that he was an actual character!
Click The image below or here to see The Video I just completed on mt YouTube channel all about Howard's early beginnings :o)

Lessons Learned...
Howard has gone through a lot, I mean a lot! You will see more when I get part two of Howard's video done. I can tell you that it took about two weeks of trying to perfect his shell, to be a lid for the Art Safety is always important. doo-dad box part... no matter how much I carved away from his shell and his cheek, I could not get his shell to fit under his cheek. Yes, you can easily carve away baked polymer clay. If you are young, don't use sharp craft knives on your own.
So my BIGGEST lesson learned, I should have made his neck longer or left his head straight, no looking back. I know he wouldn't have looked so cute looking straight ahead right?! Or make sure the shell stays thin enough to fit.

Needless to say, I had to recreate a brand new shell and it doesn't look like an oval  real turtle shell. He has a heart like shell. But hey, this is HeArtfully creating, so that is appropriate!
I tried to add magnets but, I will share more in part two next week.

Finishing Touches
Acrylic paint was used to change his green mouth and tongue to pink. As well, to add some depth, I painted indigo over the places where there were crevasses like his shell. Then using a damp rag or wipe, I rubbed off the paint, leaving some in the deepest parts.Instead of a glossy varnish, I sanded Howard's head and other areas somewhat. Always use water and varying grits of wet/dry sand paper. Dry sanding is too dangerous because you can breathe in the particles. Then I put Renaissance Wax, let it dry for fifteen or so minutes and I rubbed him down with a piece of cotton denim type cloth.
Polymer clay is definitely, my newest favourite medium! Making my first critter or creature has been such a great adventure, Wanting to show you guys all the stages he went through, and make a video with the steps from the beginning to the end. Hundreds of photos were taken, edited and compiled in the video below. No, I didn't capture every exact step but, I have given hopefully enough information to help inspire someone out here to create their own critter or figurine.
So please enjoy and if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, please leave them in the comments area below.
I took a tonne of photos to document the stages. Wanting to inspire others interested in all things creative, this is part one of two - all about Howard's creation. He is about the size of a hand, my adult female hand, that is!

Comments? Thoughts? Ideas?  Insight? or Questions !
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HeArtfully Creating!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

DIGITAL DRAWING: Illustrating to Convey A Point, Or To Tell A Story

Illustrating to Express A Thought or Make a Point
Something that I often need are drawings or cartoons to illustrate a point or a story in some of my other blogs and videos. (Click here to see a previous article about drawing with a mouse) We all grew up with story books being read to us. And the really memorable ones usually had incredible illustrations. Illustrations are all about drawing for a purpose. Especially if you are a Graphic or Commercial artist, or, you like to write and illustrate your own children's books. The ideas and uses are endless! You can become a graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, fashion I said, the possibilities, endless!
Drawing With A Purpose
Yesterday, I created this cartoon. If you are familiar at all with the Star Wars saga, you may think as I once did...Darth Vader is remembered forever saying to Luke Skywalker..."Luke, I am your father." Is that not how we all remember it? I have seen that episode at least ten times in what, thirty years?! Well it turns out, we are remembering it falsely because when we actually watch the movie, he says this....
Original Digital Hand Drawn Illustration by Anita Berglund, 2016
Are you surprised? If you know nothing about what I am saying regarding Star Wars, the lesson about illustrating or drawing with a purpose, still applies :o)
So if you love drawing, think about what you can do with it, if you want to make a living. There are others who often commission artists like us, to create drawings or illustrations for their own web sites, blogs, books and magazines...endless, remember!

Thanks for stopping by.
HeArtfully Creating,
Anita :o)


Sunday, July 3, 2016

WHISTLE WHILE YOU WHITTLE. DIY. Meet My Dad! He Shows Us How To Make A Whistle From A Tree Branch!

Watch My Dad Below! Click the video.
Carving or Whittling, is a great three dimensional way to create. I use to love whittling with my Dad's jack knife and a piece of branch or wood. In fact, I now have been enjoying carving baked polymer clay. So this video definitely, qualifies as a HeArtfully Creating activity because  it is about fun and creating!

In this cool video I get to introduce my great Dad! He shows us how to make his super cool whistle!
Eagle by my Dad R.J Harris ("Bob" to hi friends)
Creating this musical instrument involves carving or whittling." He used to make these when we were kids. Since then, I had told friends about his whistle making ability (one of his man, many abilities) but, I could never seem to make one myself. I knew it had to be a tree branch from spring time, that you needed my Dad's jack knife, but I never could make it.

Yay! I was able to get him to come over and let me video him creating one, so I my husband and I can not only learn, but I can share it with anyone I want to!

Caution: Make sure you never use a knife or sharp tool like that to carve or whittle wood, without parental permission and supervision. Again, as you watch Dad work, you will learn why safety must be first!
Enjoy watching my Dad make his fun branch whistle!
Bonus Feature!
My Dad is also a visual artist, he doesn't just build furniture, houses, decks, whistles and beyond...He also paints and draws. It is most likely that I became an artist because I was inspired by my Dad's art work even before I can remember!
So watch closely as I shared some of his many beautiful landscapes through out his whistle tutorial!

Enjoy watching. Just click below to watch my great Dad showing us how to make a musical instrument out of a tree branch! The best time to prune trees and shrubs is in the spring, so this doesn't harm trees. It works best with a poplar branch or something similar.