Sunday, September 10, 2017

POLYMER CLAY JOURNEY: My New Invention- Texture Rocks or "Rockit"

If you love working in polymer clay like I do, you probably love creating textures in your clay. And you may already know about creating your own
texture Plates, Sheets, Or rollers. Have you ever heard of texture rockers though? If you have I would love to hear about it, so I won't wrongly take credit. I do think there may be styles of rubber ink text or number stamps for things like administrative purposes, such as a date stamp or a word like "CANCELLED" across your unpaid cable bill, ha ha.

As for the kind I am sharing with you, I like to think that I invented them as a solution for those of us with weakened or arthritic hands or those of us who can't stand up to apply even pressure.  If you have learned from watching polymer clay tutorials, like I have, Then you will know that it is often recommended when impressing a texture that you should stand up and press down hard and evenly. Can't stand? Then you are with me maybe on how to find a solution to figure out how else to do it. That is why I am sharing this new video with you. It is about the TEXTURE ROCKERS or my new name may be "Rockit!" Hey, any big corporation like Makins or Polyform interested mass producing my idea, ha ha. No seriously, anyone? Of course, if I didn't invent this concept then, no million dollar invention for me 😁 

The theory is that if you cannot stand up to push down on your texture stamp or plate, that way or you just don't want to, you can use the rounded texture surface and just push as much as you can and rock it back and forth on the clay, until it is how you want it to be. Therefore,  making impressing textures and such possible or easier. That was my theory anyway. To find out if it worked Please watch the video below!!
Watch "Rockit" in Action Here:

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