Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Polymer Clay Journey Video- HELP! My Clay/Pasta Machine Knob Broke Off!!

If you are new to using polymer clay, You may not know that the one piece of machinery most of us use is either a pasta machine or a polymer clay conditioning machine. Essentially, the latter looks just like a pasta machine. My husband bought me one when I first started claying a couple of years ago, from the Michael's craft store. Normally I don't recommend going there because it is so expensive- Unless you have a coupon  for 40% or 50% off of course. Needless to say, he did.

First of all, I do recommend the Amaco machine. Mine worked well.

The machine is by Amaco. Actually contrary to some of the reviews I've seen, it worked very well, for just over two years. It wasn't until recently that the knob that I'm going to talk about in the video below, fell right off. The knob I'm talking about is the one that tightens the clamp - Like a C clamp that holds the machine to the table while you crank it. It was plastic of course. Kind of ironic, since polymer clay Is polyvinyl Chloride which is a type of plastic as far as I understand it anyway.
Necessity Breeds Ideas...
Wrestling with what to do next, I got the idea to make a new knob for The clamp. After all Polymer clay once cured or baked, when thick enough, is quite strong.
Want to see what happened? Did It Work?
You will have to watch below:0)

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