Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Polymer Clay Journey: Making Large Holed Tube Beads - DIY Video

Hello guys! Hope you have been HeArtfully Creating whatever inspires you. Lately, I was inspired by Sandy Huntress of Keepsake Crafts (Click here to see the video), to make cool, large hole tube beads. I watched that video over and over. So this video is about how I made some of my tube beads.

As well, I was inspired by Patricia Roberts-Thompson's YouTube Tutorial about making your own bales from polymer clay. She used Sari ribbon. Sari ribbon is wonderful to use in layers, running through tube beads or just as a cord. Check out the video here that inspired me to purchase Sari Ribbon from the shop she mentioned.

Watch my newest Tutorial Below. 
Hopefully you will be even a wee bit inspired to try them.

HeArtfully Creating,

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