Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Polymer Clay Journey: Make Mica Powder Swatches

Howdy fellow artists! As many of you may already know, Visual artists love colour. It makes sense that God, our Creator, Thee most Perfect Artist ever, created not just our eyes to see - but the bazillion of colors all around us. It is why some of us have an art supplies. Count me in as one of those people.
Since I began working in polymer clay, aside from chalk pastels, paints and polymer clay... I love them all and have gotten into the collecting of mica powders. They may be best known by a couple of brand names Pearl Ex and Perfect Pearls. Mica is actually a natural mineral that somehow has been processed in a manner that has been turned into a fine powdered pigment with great shimmer and special effects. It can be used on raw polymer clay or mixed into glazes, clays, liquid clay, gel mediums for acrylics and the like - even water and a spray bottle.
Not Just Eyeshadow!
It is probably most familiar as eyeshadow. So if you can't afford the jars, do what I first did and buy a thirty or more plus eye shadow palette on Ebay for under ten dollars! You can use the myriad of colours to add dimension to your polymer clay pieces!
Swatch Out!
Below is a video with more details about making swatches of your powders as well as some important notes about Primary Elements Pigment/Mica Powders by Luminary. Take a look.
Be inspired!

HeArtfully Creating,

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