Friday, March 10, 2017

Practical Polymer Clay Projects: Make Your Own Tools

Hi guys! It has been a whirlwind week. Had great plans to get a few new blogs out by today. But, as many of you know taking photos of your work while you work, editing the photos - especially when you're like me and take at least 200 photos for every couple of items made. Actually, when I was just transferring photos just for this project alone, there was at least 500 photos. You can see why I turn them into videos to document my work. No one would want to look all of those photos in a blog post!

Practical polymer clay project: texturing tools
I am just trying to post this before I hit the hay, so I won't say too much right now. But I did want to show some photos before Friday ends.

With polymer clay and sewing needles, and a 26 gauge wire threaded through the eye of the needles, I grouped  them together and then formed polymer clay around them. I have to thank my Mandarin ducky, Anikko, for that idea. Take a look.

Then I made my own craft knife so that I can use up some spare tiny blades that were leftover, when a cheap craft knife broke within one month. Again wrapping wire so the clay had something to grab onto, I made my own detail knife. As well, I made a double knife so I can make Little strips of clay. I thought it was kind of cool. Take a look at these.

The loopy thing/ tool, was created from an idea I saw somewhere on the Internet, sorry I can't remember where... They took a guitar string and made a loop and formed it into a sculpting tool. This is a necklace cable that I used instead. No guitars here!

Everyone have a great weekend! Lord willing, I would posting more detail Photos and articles this weekend. Wait till you see the new textured polymer clay pieces I have been working on all week :o)

HeArtfully creating,

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