Thursday, February 23, 2017

PRACTICAL POLYMER CLAY PROJECT: Transforming A Jar Into A Great Gift!

Whenever I see a great glass jar, I tell Craig to save it for me! So far, I have way too many bottles and jars but hey, it is best to have too many- because you never know when you want to make a gift or just feel like decorating a vessel. This project was created using a salsa jar. The shape of the jar was perfect for a vase. The bummer part is, my husband didn't like the salsa, so we won't be getting any more of these jars! :o(
Below is the video showing detailed photos of the vase making process. Or should I say, the jar transformation process.
Colour Note:
The colour purple is definitely a difficult colour to represent accurately in Digital photography. So as you will see, it looks like I am showing you to very different coloured vases. The true colour is not the blue purple as you see to the left, it is actually a reddish purple. Either way, the end result was pretty cool and I think my mom liked it.

Click here or below to see a great video with one of my favourite YouTube polymer clay artists, the unruly housewife - here she shows how to Cover a jar using clay that has been textured and coloured with  Mica powders.
Materials needed to make a vase:
💗 polymer clay (I used Premo) Now, you can create canes or mokume-gane blocks to slice and add onto the surface like I did. Or just create a blend or mixture of whatever colours you want. 
💗A Glass Jar or a tin can if you want
💗A cutting blade
💗Baking pan and aluminum foil to tent over while baking.
💗Ceramic tile to work on and bake on.
💗Mica powders

Watch The process in my video below!

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