Thursday, February 16, 2017

POLYMER CLAY SHARE: Christi Friesen! One Of The Rock Stars Of The Poly Clay World!

When I  first began Learning about polymer clay over two years ago,  I mentioned key Artists that I was learning from on the Internet. And one of them, is the rock star of the Polymer clay world (to me any way!) I watched every video I could find by Christi Friesen. Her personality was what appealed most me. She is funny, easy going and at the same time teaches you in a way that makes you feel okay about not making everything perfect. She inspires creativity and never gets boring. Wish I could travel so I can see her in person. But thanks to the internet, there are many ways to feel like I am learning from her "live."Click here to go to Christi's Neighbourhood.

Everyone, go see Christi's work history here!

Well, I am so excited to share this here, at HeArtfully creating...  This week, I had shared a recent article I wrote about our young friend and artist, Luke a.k.a Jonathan Artman, with Christi Friesen because she kindly shared my first article about him last year.
This time, when I saw that I could click on the friend request on her Facebook page, I did. Because I knowing how busy she must be, not to mention how popular and famous she is in the polymer clay world, I definitely did not expect her to respond.  Needless to say I was thrilled when she said yes! And coolest of all, when I wrote and thanked her, well let's just say, she has become a new friend to me - not in the facebook world where you never get to hear back from those we add. We all have friends on our list that we are even biologically related to and yet, they never respond :o(  But an actual friend! She made my day!
If only she knew how happy hearing from her made me! Just ask my husband Craig! I told him it was equal to a movie fan, hearing from say Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks! As I expected, she really is as wonderful as she appears in her interviews and tutorials.  Her clear desire to encourage those of us who want to learn how to work with polymer clay, making it fun and not complicated- has and still is  a huge encouragement to myself and I'm sure many many others!  So thank you so much Christi for blessing the socks off of me! Believe me, 365 days of the year, I wear past the knee, thick, hand knitted socks - so that's a big deal :o)

Below are some links to some tutorials that I know you will enjoy. She said she will be puttng out some new ones. So excited to see them!

Christie Friesen makes an Orchid from Clay on Beads, Baubles & Jewels (1804-1)

Creating a Bohemian Steampunk Pendant
Creating a Polymer Clay Steampunk Fish

Creating a Polymer Clay Flower and Leaf Pendant

Creating a Feathered Galumphus Bird

How to Make Gemstones Pop in Polymer Clay

Be Inspired! HeArtfully Creating!

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Christi Friesen said...

thank you Anita for such a lovely post - i'm blushing!

A Bergie Creation said...

Love you Christi! Just getting inspired by your archive of incredibly creative work! Hope I can incorporate even a little of what you do, in my work! :o)

A Bergie Creation said...

Everyone, go see Christi's work history here: