Monday, February 20, 2017

NEW! Intro To A New Artistic Adventure: Needle Felting Meet Maggie

HeArtfully Creating is all about encouraging creativity in all it's ways. I may be a visual artist, who spent the majority of her artistic life working in two dimensions, illustrating, drawing and painting. But as most of you know, when creating is in your DNA, you are not restricted to just one or two disciplines. To not experiment and learn all there is to learn when it comes to the plethora of art making methods, feels wrong to me. Yes, there are are some artistic adventures that I tried, enjoyed for a bit, but often would always fall back two painting and drawing. Some of those adventures were things like wood burning pictures, dip it wire/flower making, rug hooking, embroidery, needle point, crocheting, knitting, weaving, sewing, macrame, leather work, paint by numbers, spool knitting, paper mache, and tissue paper flowers, to name a few. Now most definitely, there are some skills that I gained in that list, that I would use off an on for years to come for practical purposes. After all, it is wonderful to make your own clothing, pot hangers using macrame, and making your own sweaters, and hats and such, using knitting or crocheting! Not to mention the gifts you can make! In this recent decade, jewellery design and creating, has been a great three dimensional experience. Polymer clay has enhanced my ability to "paint" in a sense, in a three dimensional way. I love that ability.
Hi guys! That's Anita's beautiful birthday cake in the back!!
A couple months ago, I stumbled on lessons about felt making. I was never aware  of how it was made. I learned about wet felting and needle felting. Since needle felting seemed manageable, I ordered an inexpensive kit on Amazon, and have since purchased some super soft merino wool. Here is a sneak Peek to see a few of he projects I have been learning to do. It is like sculpting with wool and a needle. You can make jewellery components, little fuzzy critters, felt fabric, jewellery, accessories. scarves, possibilities.
"Here I am in the beginning!"
Meet Maggie!
She is still cute! This kitty was attempted a month ago or so when I thought I figured it out enough, so I could make a kitten for a family member. Well, I was not happy with what I did, so now, I call her maggie (my last cat was grey and white with a pink nose.) But since learning something new means learning valuable lessons, I want to share Maggie in process any way.
As soon as I am done, I will be sharing the video with more details about my felting experience thus far!

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