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POLYMER CLAY SHARE: Cindy Lietz, The Polymer Clay Tutor - One Of My Favourite Tutors

Photo by Anita Berglund of HeArtfully Creating and A Bergie Creation, Polymer clay

Hi guys. Wanted to continue sharing my favourite polymer clay you tube channels to watch. Cindy Lietz, a fellow Canadian artist,
has been one of the first poly clay artists, I learned from the most more than two years ago. She offers polymer clay lessons for specific projects that are available for a fee. As well, she has plenty of free hints, tips & tricks, reviews, advice, and mini tutorials. This lady does her research, all for us, then we don't have to! Thank you Cindy for sharing all your work and research. It has been and still is a great learning experience! I have heed a lot of your advice and it has helped. Number one lesson that I regret not heeding in the beginning was about using a thermometer to test actual oven temp! I learned the hard way :o(
 Below are a few of the many, many videos on her Polymer Clay Tutor YT channel. And click here to go to her blog and where you can purchase online video tutorials!
HeArtfully Creating,





Thursday, February 23, 2017

PRACTICAL POLYMER CLAY PROJECT: Transforming A Jar Into A Great Gift!

Whenever I see a great glass jar, I tell Craig to save it for me! So far, I have way too many bottles and jars but hey, it is best to have too many- because you never know when you want to make a gift or just feel like decorating a vessel. This project was created using a salsa jar. The shape of the jar was perfect for a vase. The bummer part is, my husband didn't like the salsa, so we won't be getting any more of these jars! :o(
Below is the video showing detailed photos of the vase making process. Or should I say, the jar transformation process.
Colour Note:
The colour purple is definitely a difficult colour to represent accurately in Digital photography. So as you will see, it looks like I am showing you to very different coloured vases. The true colour is not the blue purple as you see to the left, it is actually a reddish purple. Either way, the end result was pretty cool and I think my mom liked it.

Click here or below to see a great video with one of my favourite YouTube polymer clay artists, the unruly housewife - here she shows how to Cover a jar using clay that has been textured and coloured with  Mica powders.
Materials needed to make a vase:
πŸ’— polymer clay (I used Premo) Now, you can create canes or mokume-gane blocks to slice and add onto the surface like I did. Or just create a blend or mixture of whatever colours you want. 
πŸ’—A Glass Jar or a tin can if you want
πŸ’—A cutting blade
πŸ’—Baking pan and aluminum foil to tent over while baking.
πŸ’—Ceramic tile to work on and bake on.
πŸ’—Mica powders

Watch The process in my video below!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Part 1: Flashback: My Interview With Prolific Young Artist, Luke

Flashing back to the first part of a great interview, with eleven year old Luke. Talking about how he discovered polymer clay. He is a prolific player! He is now 14 (see video from a couple weeks ago) and is quite the prolific artist. See all his polymer clay critters? Those are but a hundred of the hundreds he has created since he bagan making art!

He ends with some encouraging words of wisdom to his fellow youth. He is a very special young man!
watch Below

HeArtfully Creating's Number One Young Artist Luke! A Look Back...

Luke, a.k.a "Jonathan Artman," is my favourite young artist. If you follow HeArtfully Creating you will remember that because of him, I discovered a love for polymer clay! Click here and here to see early articles featuring my fave young artist!

Today, I was organizing old photos and videos including 8 years of photos and videos of a much younger Luke! So I wanted to share this early video. He is adorable and still an inspiring artist. I plan on making a video with the collection I have soon! 
Watch An Even Younger  Luke: Sharing Silly Ville With Us

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Needle Felting Adventure: Creating That Is Easier On The Hands (Sort Of)

Needle felted hearts by me, Anita of HeArtfully Creating/A Bergie Creation 2017
Never heard of Needle Felting? Neither had I until recently. Thanks to You Tube's great tutorials and endless information, I decided I would try it. Wet felting is the other method of felting but for me, it looks pretty physical so I wanted to try using the needle way. It is such a relaxing way to create. Yes, it involves a barbed needle that hurts a lot when poked into your fingers! BUT, if you actually use the little finger protectors that come with a needle felting kit, you can avoid pain. 
What Does It Mean To Felt?
Here is what I have concluded based on what I know so far. Felting in my words, involves connecting fibres like wool (not spun yarn) into each other until they connect or meld into each other creating a sheet of fabric or some three dimensional forms such as my hearts below, animals (remember my first kitty attempt?) or garments like hats, slippers, scarves and such. Needle felting involved poking a special barbed or teeny jaggged edged needle through the fibres joining them together. The more you poke through, the firmer the finished product gets.
Wet felting, involves soap and water and quite a process, look below to see a video about it.
Easier On The Hands
Yes, Polymer clay is wonderful but I have been struggling with the strength needed to condition and work it, especially when it is cold. Because I have a muscle weakening disorder, having ways to create on those challenging, other than drawing, something like felting on weaker days is great. So if you have arthritis or a neuromuscular disease like I do, and you love three dimensional art making but struggle with polymer clay, try needle felting.
Needle felted hearts by me, Anita of HeArtfully Creating/A Bergie Creation 2017

Needle felted hearts by me, Anita of HeArtfully Creating/A Bergie Creation 2017

Needle felted hearts by me, Anita of HeArtfully Creating/A Bergie Creation 2017

Learn About Needle Felting

Learn About WET Felting

Monday, February 20, 2017

Needle Felting Adventure: Lessons Learned- Making Maggie...Sort of

Watch My Video below if you want a brief introduction to needle felting.

NEW! Intro To A New Artistic Adventure: Needle Felting Meet Maggie

HeArtfully Creating is all about encouraging creativity in all it's ways. I may be a visual artist, who spent the majority of her artistic life working in two dimensions, illustrating, drawing and painting. But as most of you know, when creating is in your DNA, you are not restricted to just one or two disciplines. To not experiment and learn all there is to learn when it comes to the plethora of art making methods, feels wrong to me. Yes, there are are some artistic adventures that I tried, enjoyed for a bit, but often would always fall back two painting and drawing. Some of those adventures were things like wood burning pictures, dip it wire/flower making, rug hooking, embroidery, needle point, crocheting, knitting, weaving, sewing, macrame, leather work, paint by numbers, spool knitting, paper mache, and tissue paper flowers, to name a few. Now most definitely, there are some skills that I gained in that list, that I would use off an on for years to come for practical purposes. After all, it is wonderful to make your own clothing, pot hangers using macrame, and making your own sweaters, and hats and such, using knitting or crocheting! Not to mention the gifts you can make! In this recent decade, jewellery design and creating, has been a great three dimensional experience. Polymer clay has enhanced my ability to "paint" in a sense, in a three dimensional way. I love that ability.
Hi guys! That's Anita's beautiful birthday cake in the back!!
A couple months ago, I stumbled on lessons about felt making. I was never aware  of how it was made. I learned about wet felting and needle felting. Since needle felting seemed manageable, I ordered an inexpensive kit on Amazon, and have since purchased some super soft merino wool. Here is a sneak Peek to see a few of he projects I have been learning to do. It is like sculpting with wool and a needle. You can make jewellery components, little fuzzy critters, felt fabric, jewellery, accessories. scarves, possibilities.
"Here I am in the beginning!"
Meet Maggie!
She is still cute! This kitty was attempted a month ago or so when I thought I figured it out enough, so I could make a kitten for a family member. Well, I was not happy with what I did, so now, I call her maggie (my last cat was grey and white with a pink nose.) But since learning something new means learning valuable lessons, I want to share Maggie in process any way.
As soon as I am done, I will be sharing the video with more details about my felting experience thus far!

 Be Inspired! HeArtfully Creating!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

POLYMER CLAY SHARE: Christi Friesen! One Of The Rock Stars Of The Poly Clay World!

When I  first began Learning about polymer clay over two years ago,  I mentioned key Artists that I was learning from on the Internet. And one of them, is the rock star of the Polymer clay world (to me any way!) I watched every video I could find by Christi Friesen. Her personality was what appealed most me. She is funny, easy going and at the same time teaches you in a way that makes you feel okay about not making everything perfect. She inspires creativity and never gets boring. Wish I could travel so I can see her in person. But thanks to the internet, there are many ways to feel like I am learning from her "live."Click here to go to Christi's Neighbourhood.

Everyone, go see Christi's work history here!

Well, I am so excited to share this here, at HeArtfully creating...  This week, I had shared a recent article I wrote about our young friend and artist, Luke a.k.a Jonathan Artman, with Christi Friesen because she kindly shared my first article about him last year.
This time, when I saw that I could click on the friend request on her Facebook page, I did. Because I knowing how busy she must be, not to mention how popular and famous she is in the polymer clay world, I definitely did not expect her to respond.  Needless to say I was thrilled when she said yes! And coolest of all, when I wrote and thanked her, well let's just say, she has become a new friend to me - not in the facebook world where you never get to hear back from those we add. We all have friends on our list that we are even biologically related to and yet, they never respond :o(  But an actual friend! She made my day!
If only she knew how happy hearing from her made me! Just ask my husband Craig! I told him it was equal to a movie fan, hearing from say Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks! As I expected, she really is as wonderful as she appears in her interviews and tutorials.  Her clear desire to encourage those of us who want to learn how to work with polymer clay, making it fun and not complicated- has and still is  a huge encouragement to myself and I'm sure many many others!  So thank you so much Christi for blessing the socks off of me! Believe me, 365 days of the year, I wear past the knee, thick, hand knitted socks - so that's a big deal :o)

Below are some links to some tutorials that I know you will enjoy. She said she will be puttng out some new ones. So excited to see them!

Christie Friesen makes an Orchid from Clay on Beads, Baubles & Jewels (1804-1)

Creating a Bohemian Steampunk Pendant
Creating a Polymer Clay Steampunk Fish

Creating a Polymer Clay Flower and Leaf Pendant

Creating a Feathered Galumphus Bird

How to Make Gemstones Pop in Polymer Clay

Be Inspired! HeArtfully Creating!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

POLYMER CLAY SHARE: The Unruly House Wife (Val) is Back!, She Who Always Makes Me Smile

Hi guys! I recently shared with you, one polymer clay artist and vlogger who makes me smile. She lives in the UK and always reads her fans comments and  even responds. It means a lot to us who admire and follow folks that inspire and teach us :o) Click here to see the first Share of Val, TheUnrulyHousewife on Y/T.

Today, I just wanted to share her newest tutorial and some other faves.

Be inspired.

Now Watch Valerie.....

How To Use A Lino Cutter On Polymer Clay

Five Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Polymer Claying

Polymer Clay Bracelets Tutorial
Things I Decorate With Polymer Clay, Or Use As Molds

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Monday, February 13, 2017

INSPIRATION TIME: Art From Anything Around The House! By Anastassia Elias

WATCH Below to be amazed at what one artist does with toilet paper tubes! Makes you realize that when we allow our God given creativity to create, we can make something out of the most unlikely objects! 

Click Here To Go To Anastassia Elias' Web Page

Practical Polymer Clay Project: DIY Spool Knitting Spools

Hi guys! A couple months ago I was really wanting to spool knit. There is article about that here. Since making my own spools seemed do-able, I did. Mind you, I focused on smaller ones that would hold 3-8 stitches so then, I could knit pieces that would work as cords for pendants or as necklace pieces on their own.  As you can see in the photos below, I added beads to some prior to beginning the knit. It worked out really well. How did I make my spools you ask? Well, if haven't already guessed by the title, with Polymer Clay and some other items. Here, let me explain....

Materials Needed To This Build Practical Polymer Clay Project:
πŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—Scrap polymer clay or canes, whatever you want to your spools to look like.
18 gauge or really hard wire, I used German Nickel silver and I tried making some with bobby pins.
A couple pairs of pliers and wire cutters
toilet paper tubes or a strong cardboard base to work  from.
Masking Tape
Now What?
Foundation: I cut the toilet paper tubes to a bit larger than I wanted. In the case where I only wanted four stitches or for prongs, I rolled it small, about3/4 of an inch across. Lengthwise, I cut it about two inches long or less.
Prongs: I tried a couple ways. So do your own thing. I will tell you what worked for me. I cut wire pieces and bent them in half, the I curled at least one end a bit so it would bake into the clay. Once I have all four prongs shaped (keeping one side a bit longer,) then I masked them into position on my cylinder on the outside.
Hold the ends down with tape.
Clay Time: okay now my schools are quite abstract looking because I just sliced from scratch Clay and in some cases I used Canes that I didn't really like. So it is up to you if you want your school to look spectacular or you don't care I need just want to use up some clay that is lying around. Remember for me this was the first time ever trying this, so it's one turned out differently. But the one that has the German silver wire you can tell because there's silver wire showing. Once the cylinder and problems are taped into position, making sure they are evenly spaced apart, I just started covering the cylinder what's Clay. Then keep in mind when you're holding the clay on the outside, you want to think of what is comfortable for your hands to be holding on while you spool knit. As you can see by some of my examples they are rounded up at the top and narrow down below, Like send out you are the same.

Have fun this is an inexpensive way to create a very practical polymer clay project that can enable you to make some really cool things such as necklace cords with  dimension, cool polymer clay pendant and you'll have quite a unique necklace. Or like I said you can just put a class on one of these spool knitted records and have a simple yeah it really cool necklace or bracelet.
I hope to get something together soon so I can show you.

Make sure you kind of wrap the clay in between the prongs and ideally, down inside the cylinder as well. I think it works better if you could get Clay on the inside and the outside. You will be leaving the toilet paper tube or cardboard foundation inside there. You may have a better way this is just what I did. I would love to hear from you are hurtfully creating Facebook page and see pictures if you try this or you have a better idea just click here to go . See our page.
All Done Now What?
Well once you have all of your spools made, it is time to bake them in a 275 degree Fahrenheit of it. Now I am using sculptey/Premo products , as well, I sometimes mix in FIMO, but I still mix it the 275 Fahrenheit and it seems to be fine. FIMO has a lower baking temperature, but it is never dominant in my work, always combined with Premo. Big time at least one hour for strength.
I actually started out trying a couple first then moving on to making more trying different materials such as bobby pins for prongs, so that it is up to you.
About the prongs: I did discover that bending back the prongs once it was all baked, made using it to knit, much easier.

Another Practical Polymer Clay Project Tool:
Above is a needle, Actually a darning needle that I added polymer clay to in order to make a tool to help do spool knitting. You need a device to help lift the wire, string, or yarn up and over those little prongs.
How do I make that you ask?
I used a darning needle. Then I slipped some wire into the eye of the needle and crinkled up the wire a little, so the clay would have something to bake onto and not fall out. Then shaped the clay however you want it to feel in your hand, bake it at the same temperature as above, again about an hour and voila! A cool practical polymer clay project tool!
 Bobby Pins?
Yes below is the school that I made using bobby pins. I tried it as a spool and it worked okay, I got the idea from another tutorial somewhere on YouTube, sorry I can't remember where. I even saw people use popsicle sticks if you're making larger spools.
Here are just some of the examples of the really cool necklace/cords that I made using my handmade spools. The red and silver one I worked a metallic thread and a thin nylon cord, together to achieve a bit of a sparkly look. The Turquoise blue one is a wax cord about 1 mm in thickness, and then I added on beads before I began knitting.

Hope you enjoyed this article! Again, I would love to see photos of your work. Just click here to go to HeArtfully Creating Facebook Page, where are you can share photos ideas and if you have any questions, I Love to hear them. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

PRACTICAL POLYMER CLAY PROJECT: Quick Polymer Clay Gift Idea For Men from HeArtfully Creating.

What to do when you suddenly discover a birthday celebration for someone you really admire posted in a local paper, but you missed it until the night before? Well, in our case, my husband could go and I couldn't. So his job was to make a handmade greeting card ASAP and my job was to make a gift using what I love working with, Polymer Clay.
Watch The MR.70 Video Below:

Because we really love this guy, if we had had more notice, I would have  worked on one of my really fun, but time consuming figurines. This guy is actually a hero to many of our peers. But, that gift idea was off the table. Hmmm....What can I make in a few hours for our friend that would be personalized and masculine? You see, as a girl (a 51 year old one :o) I tend to have no problem coming up with girlie ideas. Makes sense right?!
Why Key Chains Of Course!
If you ever have a rush gift idea where you do not want to buy something (way to easy and not personal enough - to me anyway), what works for males and females? Why Key chains of course! After all, pretty much all humans have a key, at least one. No, they may not use it, but it is at least a way to make a personalized gift. They can use it on a zipper pull or as a backpack tag or just throw it into a drawer. It is up to them. Nevertheless, it is a personal handmade gift, made HeArtfully from you or me!
What Are The Ingredients?
πŸ’—To work on: A Glass, silicone, or ceramic tile works well to work with
πŸ’—Tools like, assorted ball tipped and needle tools. OR, you can use a toothpick, needle, skewer and a straw, look through your junk drawer. Awe, come on, we all have one! :o).
πŸ’—For "MR.70," I mixed a gold glitter polymer clay and some neutral metallic clay in PREMO brand.
πŸ’—Unbaked clay adheres to unbaked clay, but since I purchased Sculpey's Bake and Bond, I used that to make sure connecting parts were essential "glued" together. It isn't critical.
πŸ’—I love the assorted collection of steampunk metal gears and such. They add a masculine touch in a quick and easy way.
πŸ’—For the keychain, I keep the findings or hardware for items like keychains and such on hand.
πŸ’—For metallic surface effects, aside from the clay colours, I also added Gilders Paste and Mica Powder. Then to antique it a bit, I used acrylic paint in an indigo.
πŸ’— Ceramic tiles are cheap and easy to get at places like Home Depot. I bake all my pieces on a dedicated baking pan, with a ceramic tile set inside. A tent of tin foil or an aluminium cake pan works well to protect your piece
πŸ’—Cardstock or a recipe card works well to place your piece on. But place that on the tile.
What Kind  Should I Make?
The next question is what would be a good design? In my mind when designing a key chain, it is important to make sure it isn't too ginormous so they can use it.If you want them to have the option to use it, think of what size would be practical for you.
As always, it is best to sketch out ideas for the shape. If you know any themes that this person likes, then incorporate that into your design. What colours do they like? What are their initials and their new age?
If they love turtles, then make a turtle themed piece, if you don't have any idea or want something more simple and sleek, then what I did was to work with his initials and age. My husband knows him better than I do, so he told me he likes motorcycles. He actually said that after I had already made the keychain. So before firing it in the oven, not only was I able to translate the zero into a motorcycle wheel, to add to the masculinity, I added more steam punk type gears. As well, using some tools, (a straw would work), I was able to imitate screws. Then with a toothpick, tiny ball tool, and/or a needle tool, I impressed marks to add fun details just to enhance the piece.
Finishing Touches
Once MR. 70 was complete, I used my finger to rub on an antique gold Gilders Paste and a shimmer of mica powder. Once baked for about 60 minutes at 375F (I learned baking all clay at least an hour makes it stronger- from Polymer Clay Tutor). I let it cool completely and painted on Acrylic Paint In Indigo. Then I wiped it off. That way it goes into the crevasses and indents giving it some dimension and depth.

Once done, I added a clear coating of whatever  I have on hand that works on clay. It is to just protect the mica surface. But, you do not have to use anything.

All Done and Ready To Give Away!

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POLYMER CLAY SHARE: How To Make Polymer Clay Eyes For Whatever Purpose

Hi guys! Haven't shared the newest creative adventure I have been learning but, I will soon. For some of it, I do need a pair of eye balls. I always prefer to make my own. Decided I would share a pile of great useful You Tube tutorials where I get a lot of ideas from. I like to make mass quantities of things I can use in the future so I will post what I came up with once I am done making them!
 The drawing is mine!
So if you want to know or actually want to make your own doll or animal eyes, take a watch below!

HeArtfully Creating!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

POLYMER CLAY SHARE: Meet Valerie, The Polymer Clay Artist Who Always Makes Me Smile

Today I am in the mood to share some of my favourite YouTube Polymer Clay tutorial/VLOG channels. This lady makes me smile every time I see that she has posted a new video. She also shares other videos that help us to get to feel like we are meeting her for real. I

Here, I am watching Valerie on our tv as I work on one of my clay pieces! 
kind of feel like I know her. She has a great sense of humour and I
love her accent. She lives in the UK. So I highly suggest checking out and subscribing to the Unruly Housewife's Channel, if you want to hang out with a sincere, meaningful polymer clay artist and more! You just have to meet her yourself, my words do her no justice. I only discovered her months ago and happy that I did!
Here, I am watching Valerie on our tv as I work on one of my clay pieces! 

Thank you Valerie for making me smile and making learning fun! And, thanks for sharing yourself with us as well, it means a lot. :o)

Below are some of my favourite polymer clay related videos since this is a blog about creativity. 


HeArtfully Creating!

Decorate And Cover A Jar

Simple Crackle/Cracked Effect Polymer Clay

Beginner Polymer Clayers - A Motivational Chat 
How To Decorate Small Tins

How To Make Striped Polymer Clay Tube Beads

Mokume Gane Technique

Cracked Edge Technique

Polymer Clay Faux Holographic Card Embellishments (Mica Shift
What Do I Keep In My Polymer Clay Bling Box?

Keeping White Polymer Clay Clean

How To Make Simple Batik Effects on Polymer Clay