Wednesday, January 25, 2017

POLYMER CLAY JOURNEY: Sneak Peek! Who Did I Make In Polymer Clay?

 Happy 2017 everyone! Hope you are all creating and enjoying it! Life has been busy so I haven't been able to post what I have been working on in a while. Every day I have to create in some for or another. But as you may know, photographing, recording video, documenting, movie making and writing, as fun as it all is takes time. On that note, I wanted to share a fun, sneak peek at a project of love (for our bestest letter carrier ever!). It is all done, but I am not done with all of those above tasks. So for right now here is a look.
If you haven't noticed, I tend to take too many photos and then have a hard time deleting them. They all look so great. It matters to me, to document my work. It isn't just to document the whole process for my own record but because I love sharing and encouraging creativity out here in internet world!
So there will be a video, featuring the project in process. Soon.

Meet Justin Junior....(More To Come Soon!)

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