Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NEW! HeArtfully Creating's PRACTICAL POLYMER PROJECT: Trinket or Tea Light Candle Holders

Here is a sick video with a couple of ideas and tips about making tea light candle or trinket holders out of polymer clay. These were made as gifts, so I learned as I went and hope there is something inspiring here to encourage anyone out here who is working with or wants to work with polymer clay.
Using translucent clay tinted with alcohol inks, glitter and micah powder, makes the end result beautiful. See the glow in the photos as the candle light shines through. 
Not into candles? These also make great trinket or ring holders! A fun way to make a beautiful decoration for your own home or someone you love!

Watch MyVideo here below!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Practical Polymer Clay Projects - Hot Pink Floral Tea Light Holder

If you would like to make other kinds of gifts or even home accessories for your self, you might like this article. In December, the idea was to make gifts for some ladies we know. What do many ladies and girls like? Flowers and candles of course! Time to create floral candle holders. Often ideas are gained from simply using your art making materials. I have discovered that using translucent polymer clay and colouring it with translucent alcohol inks, or just teeny bit of coloured clay, allows you to make pieces where light can shine through. The thinner the clay, the more the light glows through. So that is what I did.
Hot Pink!
This hot pink candle holder was formed around a ceramic sphere that I found. As you will see in the next article, I formed and shaped the petals onto the glass or ceramic shape. It is important to make sure you make a test holder if you are uncertain of how the baked clay will be once removed. It is possible to make it too closed and high, around the form that you can not remove it. I have one like that!
Below are some photos of the completed holder.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Polymer Clay Journey: JJ Is Completed!

 Meet the completed JJ. Here he is all done. I am happy to say that he is in his adopted new home. If you missed the first stages of his creation, just click here.

There were some moments when he almost didn't make it. Keep reading to find out why....Come on, follow JJ down the page.
Copyright 2017  -All Images and art work by Anita Berglund
Accidents Happen
It was about the third bake in the oven, when my husband removed JJ, lo and behold he discovered JJ's legs exploded. At first the temptation was to give up and accept that I just couldn't fix it. But, my life as an artist has taught me to problem solve and figure out how to turn accidents or mistakes into a part of my pieces. Here are a few photos of JJ just after the explosion!

Poor JJ. Looks painful. :o( What to do.....
Well, I built a new leg using the broken pieces while the other one fell right off but I was still trying to figure out what to do. One option was to sink his missing leg into a snow bank or a really annoying dog!

Got It!
With prayer and clay, I was thankfully able to rebuild his second leg. I decided a crazy dog attack could be too traumatic!

Here JJ gets his mail bags, and a boot. 

Problem Solved!
And here JJ not only gets a second leg, but the finishing touches including a happy dog friend.

 An he needs some mail of course....