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If you haven't read this blog or watched any videos on HeArtfully Creating you won't know that Cindy Lietz of the Polymer Clay Tutor YouTube Channel has been a great help to helping me with my Polymer Clay Adventure or Journey, whichever word you prefer. Below is a list of just a few of her many helpful videos here. (Yup just click this.) And lower down are more videos about bead baking racks.
Here is my Amaco rack with SUGRU- Thanks Cindy Leitz!
Baking Polymer Clay beads was one of the first problems I had to solve when I began my polymer clay adventure. Yes, I saw what was out there. In fact, I just posted the Y/T videos by one of my favourite Poly Clay Artist/Tutors, Cindy Lietz, and now see videos below about bead baking racks on the market. Cindy talks about three different brands of bead baking racks. When I started, I was inspired to not spend any more money on polymer clay supplies. Click this link to see!
Really cool product. Thanks for telling us Cindy Leitz!
So I problem solve by working with what I have and made my own.
Here is my Amaco rack with SUGRU- Thanks Cindy Leitz!
Now that I know I love polymer clay, thanks to cindy's advice and reviews  I chose to purchase an AMACO bead rack. And also I took her advice on using SUGRU (click here to see how cool this stuff is) to improve the Amaco rack bead pin slots.
It works beautifully. I will share more on this in the future, but for now I couldn't wait and wanted to post this article as well as some more great Polymer Clay Tutor videos by Cindy Lietz on the subject of baking polymer clay and bead racks.

Click below to watch Cindy Lietz baking with a "lid" on polymer clay projects
Baking Your Polymer Clay

The bead baking racks that you can buy, that I know of are the one you will see here made by AMACO. And then there is one by Sculpey Polyform and a new one made by a company called LUCY CLAY. (I have posted the videos that one of my favourite YouTube Polymer Çlay Artists, Cindy Leitz features in her product review below.
Sugru Hack For Amaco Bead Baking Rack: by Cindy Leiz, Polymer Clay Tutor
Sculpey Bead Baking Rack: Review By Polymer Clay Tutor

Lucy Clay Baker: Lucy Clay Bead Baking Rack Review By Polymer Clay Tutor

Anita's version of the Sugrued-ed Amaco Bead Baking Rack

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