Monday, March 14, 2016

Polymer Clay Journey: Some Of My Favourite Polymer Clay Tutor You Tube Videos

It has been over a year since I started working in polymer clay. Thanks to the many great polymer clay artists who share their tips, tricks and wealth of information about working in polymer clay. Cindy Lietz is one of the most knowledgable online clay tutors/artists that I watch almost daily. On that note, I want to share a hand picked selection of the You Tube videos from her channel, that I have gleaned a lot of useful information from.
I hope she will inspire you, even if you aren't into polymer clay. I get inspired just watching artists create in a variety of media.

HeArtfully Creating!
A recent mokume gane stack I have been working from
Here is the link to Cindy Lietz's YouTube Channel-click here...

Below Is A Collection of  My Cindy Lietz- Polymer Clay Tutor Favourite Videos:
How Long To Bake Clay
Baking Clay
Don't Burn Polymer Clay
Artist Studio
Hole Piercing
Baking Flat Pieces
How Mica Shift Works
Chalk Pastels
Premo Sculpey Colours
Liquid Polymer Clay
Zipper Cane
Natasha Beads
How To Reduce A Clay cane
Storing Clay 
Swirly Lentil Beads

Making Same Size Beads


PolymerClayTutor said...

Thank you so much for posting your favorite of our videos! I am glad that they are so helpful for you. Enjoy your claying journey!

A Bergie Creation said...

Hi Cindy! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my post. You have no idea how much I take what you say seriously and apply it to my clay learning. I can often be heard saying "Cindy Lietz" wouldn't do it that way! In reference to the other poly clay artists I watch sometimes. So again, thank you for caring to teach what you love. And tell Doug his videography is much appreciated too!