Monday, March 28, 2016


I have been working this week on my Dad's 3d birthday card. It is complete and I was able to give it to him on time, today!
I love working in polymer clay and really enjoy the hands on, tactile experience. Of course I wanted to document the process from beginning to end so I shall be producing a blog/vlog article with video. But for now, I wanted to share the finished product! I am happy with it. As always, with most artists, there are many things I would like to have added or changed. But that all can be chalked up to lessons learned for the next figurine.
also my submission for week #13

Come back next time when I get share how this went from this....

To this...
To This!!

To This!!!
HeArtfully Creating,

Monday, March 21, 2016

Polymer Clay Journey: Polymer clay challenge 2016 Week 11

Life Happens, Yay!
 I was hoping to be much more consistently submitting to the 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge hosted by the very imaginative poly clay artist,  Katie Oskin from KatersAcres. But life and some ongoing health issues have been slowing my productivity down. Bummer. For me that is a tough one. As an artist, creating daily, all day is normal for me. But adapting and working with what God blesses me with is what I must do these days. It isn't worth making your health suffer in order to create. It is tempting to just work hard and not take the breaks needed, but as I have discovered the hard way, the cost is too high. It can mean not being able to work at all! Heed that advice if you too deal with health concerns,
So, here is my WEEK 11 submission. 

I was hoping to be much more consistent with my submissions for this challenge. I have been working on mokume gane technique designs and my goal is to create a few new jewellery pieces for my Etsy Shop, A Bergie Creation.  when time becomes more precious, one tries to multi task, making the most with the time given.

Hope the pieces can count toward my week 11 contribution.

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mokume gane slices, love these colours

turning the cabochons into pendants and rings!

mokume gane slices, love these colours

turning the cabochons into pendants and rings!

turning the cabochons into pendants and rings!

turning the sheets into beads too

turning the cabochons into pendants and rings!

turning the cabochons into pendants and rings

Monday, March 14, 2016

Polymer Clay Journey: Some Of My Favourite Polymer Clay Tutor You Tube Videos

It has been over a year since I started working in polymer clay. Thanks to the many great polymer clay artists who share their tips, tricks and wealth of information about working in polymer clay. Cindy Lietz is one of the most knowledgable online clay tutors/artists that I watch almost daily. On that note, I want to share a hand picked selection of the You Tube videos from her channel, that I have gleaned a lot of useful information from.
I hope she will inspire you, even if you aren't into polymer clay. I get inspired just watching artists create in a variety of media.

HeArtfully Creating!
A recent mokume gane stack I have been working from
Here is the link to Cindy Lietz's YouTube Channel-click here...

Below Is A Collection of  My Cindy Lietz- Polymer Clay Tutor Favourite Videos:
How Long To Bake Clay
Baking Clay
Don't Burn Polymer Clay
Artist Studio
Hole Piercing
Baking Flat Pieces
How Mica Shift Works
Chalk Pastels
Premo Sculpey Colours
Liquid Polymer Clay
Zipper Cane
Natasha Beads
How To Reduce A Clay cane
Storing Clay 
Swirly Lentil Beads

Making Same Size Beads

Friday, March 11, 2016


hot pink, orange, red and white
It has been a fast paced winter working away on new polymer clay designs using the Mokume-Gane technique. Here is a link describing this ancient Japanese metal working technique. It was originally used to create a wood grain look using layers and layers of metals.
A beautiful effect that works in a similar way with layers of polymer clay sheets.

I am so excited about finally having a few different colour palettes of new mokume-gane technique  poly clay designs, that I wanted to share a sneak peak of my next HeArtfully Creating article/ accompanying video.

So take a look and see what you can create by layering 3-4 different colours together in thin sheets. Because the pieces that I will be creating using these clay designs will be jewelry items in my Etsy shop - A Bergie Creation, I love naming my pieces and mokume-gane designs, but this is so hot off the "press" that I haven't had a chance to name anything. yet.. 

What I am making using the pink/red/orange palette

Until next time!
HeArtfully Creating,

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Here is a Mokume Gane Block ready to be sliced and used in my designs

Here is a sampling of a few designs.

Made a couple of pretty colourful rings...just the beginning.