Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Purposeful or Functional Art: Personalized Greeting "Cards"- Part 2

A Work in progress, not complete. Illustration by Anita Berglund
Okay, I shared just a few examples of the original greeting cards I made years ago using traditional methods. Remember paper, pencils and markers! These days I have bee using my computer to draw and paint images. Something that I started out doing for fun was to take photos of friends and family and open the photo up into a drawing/painting app like Sketchbook Express. And then....I just embellished a lot! Adding costumes and backgrounds. So you can see some of the process I  am posting a series of before, during and to the finished result images.
Print Anywhere!?
What is great about digitalizing your work by drawing digital or scanning your work into a jpeg file, you can email your personalized, original art work to the recipients. And they can do what they want with it including making it wallpaper on their computer, print it out in whatever size it can be. If you go to printing web sites you will see original images on t-shirts, mugs, posters, calendars, pins, pretty much anything you can print on.  That is something you might want to consider if you want to make gift that way.
Have Fun!
When you create heArtfully, you are enjoying, even loving what you are doing and that means it won't feel like a chore. As well people care if you take time to create something personalized just for them. So if you don't already make your own cards and gifts, I encourage you to.
Time To Share...

This is a compilation of faces from photos of family members- Illustration by Anita Berglund

Family members of ours who went from this...
To this...
To This...
To the final result, this! Illustration by Anita Berglund

Here are my parents before...
Add caption Illustration by Anita Berglund

Mom and Dad again...I collaged a pile of old photos and had some fun....
Here Was the final result! Illustration by Anita Berglund
Wanting it to be perfect, I was happy that it turned out pretty good. Always room to perfect! Illustration by Anita Berglund

Here is the before process....Illustration by Anita Berglund

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