Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Cool Illustration!

Hi guys! I was working on some projects like Pinterest and blogs, and wanted thumbnail illustrations that were my own. Yes, there are public domain/free to use/copyright free, drawings and photos on the internet but hey, if you love drawing or are learning, it makes sense to make your own. Then it legally belongs to you and, it is original, no one anywhere will have your art work on their blog, web site, YouTube channel, or whatever social media site. If your work shows up somewhere, then it will have been stolen. Yes, stolen. But, I must say that with the age of the internet, I don't know how you can prevent others from copying original art work and photos. I have seen artists who have web sites with some kind of setting that disables any copying of their images. Or you can lay the word Copyright in a translucent way over an image. It is up to you. Just know that any original art work, including writing and photos, legally belong to the creator.

Personally, I draw because I love to and I want to make it visible, so for images like the one below, I don't want to cover it up with any watermarks. Just write copyright, the date and your name and use the honour system. I suppose if someone copies it , consider it a compliment.

For almost fifty years I have adored drawing, it is why I am an artist of course!. A lot has changed in my half century of living.  I now get to illustrate using  my computer! I have an article here about digital illustration, 

Thought I would share this quick illustration that I did just now to illustrate a pinterest board I have. I drew it using my Wacomb Bamboo drawing pad and stylus.But, you can use a mouse. The software is an app  called Graphic" and I colour using the app called Sketchbookpro 6. The reason I use Graphic app to draw is because it has a mode to help reduce my hand  shakiness. But Sketchbook is far better to paint and shade with. My dream software would be Adobe Illustrator, but, since it is hundreds of dollars, I prefer to work with affordable software. My apps are Apple compatible, but I know when I used Windows, there were affordable and free drawing/graphic programs as well.
Copyright 2015- hand drawn illustration by Anita Berglund

HeArtfully Creating!

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