Saturday, December 26, 2015

DIY Craft Channel Recommendation Time: So Craftastic

Okay, sorry, initially I wanted to recommend a YouTube DIY crafty/DIY channel each week. However, obviously, I made a commitment that was unreasonable for me, in light of the happenings of life. So for now, I will just be a recommending channels that are good for children of all ages, as they inspire me. This young lady's channel "SoCraftastic" is one I have watched off and on for years now. Sarah's  bubbly personality and love for creating make me smile. It matters to me that children have "safe" channels to watch and learn from. Sarah's is one of those channels. Watching good tutorials is how I learn and I am almost 50 years old. People of all ages inspire me and help me to learn whatever it is I am wanting to know more about.
Below I am sharing just  a few of her many polymer clay tutorials. She has more than polymer clay tutorials of course, but I am partial to that subject. Just click on here to go to her channel or watch each YT video below. Take a look and like and subscribe to her channel.
What impresses me as an artist and as a student of creativity are those YoutTube artists who make their own videos and those who are able to clearly show us how to make whatever it is they are making. Even more, I love the effort they put into their tutorials, providing great videography, graphics and are able to present their ideas well, no boring moments! Way to go "SoCraftastic!" Thank you for your dedication and heart to teach and share what you love! Congratulations on being successful at it :o)

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