Saturday, December 12, 2015

ABC YouTube DIY Channel Pick of the Week! Crafts Are Cool!

I love watching DIYs especially art making,  crafty and review type ones. As a middle aged female, I too enjoy sharing what I love to do in video format as well. However, I admit, to record, edit and produce tutorials or videos of any sort, takes time. It isn't as easy as many think. That is why I was super impressed with a channel I discovered last night during my usual YT surfing. I was trying to understand what "decoden" was.  Lo and behold, I began watching this video...listen to her great enthusiasm and very clear directions....

Her channel is called: Crafts Are Cool! 
There are a lot of youthful craft making enthusiasts who love making YT tutorials. Crafts Are Cool has such a bright, cheery and enjoyable attitude and personality, I found myself watching more than just a couple of her videos. No, I didn't need to learn how to make what she was making, I just really enjoyed the heart in her videos. I may be old enough to be her Grandmother, but I really was impressed and wanted to share her channel with anyone of any age. Refreshing and fun! Thanks Crafts Are Cool! Keep up the great work! Happy Crafting.

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