Thursday, November 5, 2015

Newest Pebeo Fantasy Paint and Resin Domed Pendant Necklaces!!

Side Note: I just realized that I accidentally posted this blog on my creativity blog, HeArtfully Creating instead of A Bergie Creation. My brain must be full :o)

Hi guys. I have been working furiously trying to photograph, edit and publish my newest handmade pendant necklaces. As you will discover, I have been having a blast discovering Pebeo brand Fantasy Moon and Prism Paints, as well as doming pendants in epoxy resin. Not to mention, new polymer clay pieces are coming as soon as I get the finishing touches complete!
More will be added throughout the next few here to see details in my shop, A Bergie Creation.

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As always, I create my pieces, and then depending on the medium, they often need sanding, polishing and buffing or resin added, whatever the case may be. Then, just as I am with words, photo time happens. On Etsy you only have room for five photos to showcase your pieces. Well, I ALWAYS take triple or more that number, sometimes fifty shots for one piece. It is so important to me, to capture every nuance, angle, hue, and part of my jewelry pieces so customers can know what they are looking at. 

Buying online requires trust that the shop is providing you with as many details as possible. On that note, please always read the description details and policies and procedures before making a purchase on any online shop. It helps to avoid disappointment. Countless times, I don't read, and think say a bead will be a lot bigger because of the photo alone, once I get them, oops, turns out they were only 3mm across. All the information was there, but I foolishly disregarded it. It is easy to be caught up in the appearance and lose sight of the details. 

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