Sunday, October 4, 2015

POLYMER CLAY JOURNEY - Biggest Lesson Learned

Most Important Baking/Curing Tip
Thank you to Cindy Leitz from the Polymer Clay tutor Yout Tube Channel. Always bake your clay longer than the package directions. Not hotter, that would burn it and spread noxious fumes into your home. But, if the package say, bake for 30 minutes per each 1/4 inch of clay thickness, bake it an hour. Christi Friesen, another great tutor, artist, also recommended using an oven thermometer. After what I learned, make sure you listen to what these folks say. After all, they have done that work, just to teach us!

Use an oven thermometer to make sure your oven actually is reaching say, 275 fahrenheit. At first I assumed it was reaching that temperature, so, I baked a lot of clay pieces. But, I struggled with breakage even after an hour or more. Lo an behold, decided to listen to their advice, and it turned out  our little toaster oven was only reaching about 230 degrees, not 275f!  BIG LESSON LEARNED!

A polymer clay stamp I made out of polymer clay!
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