Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stick Men And Beyond

 Digital Illustration By Anita Berglund
Anyone Can Learn.
Hi guys. If love drawing, painting or making art of any kind, you made have heard this line before..."I can only draw stick figures, I can't draw." If you have heard someone say that in response to seeing what you can create, what do you say to them? If that is you and you really feel that you could never learn to draw or paint, then this is for you too.
I have put together a brief video in hope to discuss the "Stick Figure" attitude and show that anyone can learn to make art. Anyone can learn to do anything for that matter. So take a watch and I would love to hear your questions, see your drawings and read any comments you may have. You can leave video responses below if you click the video to link to my YouTube Channel.
Beyond Stick Figures Video (click below)

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