Friday, December 12, 2014

Needle-Less Knitting With Your Hands!
Never in a million years would I have ever thought of using your arms as knitting needles. Would you? Think about it, knitting needles may come in various thicknesses, but they are long, straight and usually made from steel, plastic or wood. As a kid I do remember trying to knit with pencils and that was challenging enough.
When my friend told me about how she and her ten year old son were making christmas gifts by arm knitting scarves, my jaw did kind of dropped..."How do you do that?" She explained it but I couldn't picture it until I Googled it and saw it for myself. It is something that I could never do because of my physical challenges, but if you can use your two arms together, then you can do it too!
Because I wanted to share these fun ways to knit without needles, I haven't had time to do my own illustrations so I borrowed some photos from others on the internet. Please check out their websites by clicking on the links in the photo captions. And watch below for a couple of great tutorials, take a look and give it a try!
Take A Look At How To Arm Knit!
How To Knit A Blanket WIth Your Arms!

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