Saturday, December 13, 2014

Needle-Less Knitting Using Your Fingers
Okay, we've covered knitting with a spool and your arms, and now it's time to learn about how we can knit with our fingers.
Years ago I thought I knew what finger knitting was all about because I thought a friend and I were doing it. Turns out, as I researched the whole needle-less knitting thing, we weren't finger knitting. It explains why our "finger knitting" never turned into anything more than a yarn chain. See this little hand to the right, from "Little Bird SOS?"? (No, I don't know whose hand it is, just click on the link in the caption to go see more.) As you can see, it turns out that finger knitting actually is knitting by using your fingers to hold the stitches and then looping the yarn with the fingers of your other hand. If you saw the article on "Spool Knitting," it appears to works out kind of like spool knitting except  on an open spool, one that lays flat instead of a continuous loop.
Again, I haven't had a chance to illustrate these knitting ideas (It can take anywhere from three to forty hours for me to complete an illustration) so I am sharing the links and photos of people who have done a great job teaching us about finger knitting already! Make sure you check out their pages if you want a closer look.
See What can you Knit With Your Fingers?
Above is a cute idea for a teddy bear scarf, maybe necklace in a lariat style. A Lariat is a type of necklace that has one end loop through another. And Below from RedTedArt. is another colourful idea. Use whatever colours you like and voila.
Finger knitting with beads and leather cording from a blog called "Corner Window!" Really unique and another great gift idea.

And how about knitting with your fingers and lace! Here is a beautiful lace headband from "Living In Lilliput."

Remember to take a look at the website links and give knitting in any form a try. 
Now Watch "How To Finger Knit" Videos From Fiber Flux.
How To Finger Knit a Flower Headband by Audra Kurtz
Next Time…
All this talk about knitting without knitting needles, has given me the idea to share some sites and pictures on knitting with needles, something my Mom taught me to do when I was about seven. In my opinion, once you know how to knit the traditional way, then these "Needle-Less" methods seem far more cool!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Needle-Less Knitting With Your Hands!
Never in a million years would I have ever thought of using your arms as knitting needles. Would you? Think about it, knitting needles may come in various thicknesses, but they are long, straight and usually made from steel, plastic or wood. As a kid I do remember trying to knit with pencils and that was challenging enough.
When my friend told me about how she and her ten year old son were making christmas gifts by arm knitting scarves, my jaw did kind of dropped..."How do you do that?" She explained it but I couldn't picture it until I Googled it and saw it for myself. It is something that I could never do because of my physical challenges, but if you can use your two arms together, then you can do it too!
Because I wanted to share these fun ways to knit without needles, I haven't had time to do my own illustrations so I borrowed some photos from others on the internet. Please check out their websites by clicking on the links in the photo captions. And watch below for a couple of great tutorials, take a look and give it a try!
Take A Look At How To Arm Knit!
How To Knit A Blanket WIth Your Arms!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Needle-less Knitting - Using A Spool!
Do you know how to knit? Even if you don't, most of us know that in order to knit, we need knitting needles. My Mom taught me how to knit when I was about seven years old, along with my favourite thing at the time, crocheting.

A really cool thing happened around that age, when my Dad told me about how he knitted as a kid using a wooden thread spool and some nails. It was called "Spool Knitting." Better still, he made me a spool just like he use to use and taught me how to spool knit! It was so easy, I did it a lot and was able to make pot holders and mini spiral rugs.I thought I would share some easy ways anyone can knit without knitting needles, Spool Knitting being one of those ways. Because I just got the idea today, I haven't had a chance to work on some illustrations to show what I am talking about, but I will try to get some done. Until then, I did some research and posted some pictures and videos with their links so you can hopefully be inspired to try out some of these ideas.

In fact I was excited to see so many ideas and how to lessons on making much larger, easier to use spools out of things like toilet paper tubes and ice cream containers!
Spool Ideas
You can purchase spool knitting spools or you can make your own like my dad did for me. Here are a few ideas from others on how to make spools, using different materials. Check out the links to their websites written in the photo caption.
I borrowed this picture off of the internet to show you what the old fashioned spool looked like to give you some idea.

Since modern day sewing thread spools are made of plastic, it can't be the kind we used with nails. But I found something better, you can make larger spools using toilet paper rolls and popsicle sicks or skewers. So cool!
Make Your Own Spool

From Craftsanity

A Plastic Container Spool "How To" from "Etcetorize"
This Spool is from Craftypod
Watch these great videos to show you how you can easily get started today! 
A Video From Craft Sanity on Spool Knitting

Watch this Video From the Frugal Crafter
Someone made a cool bracelet from a larger spool knitting project
Anyone knitting with their feet? Nothing surprises me anymore! I would love to hear from you if you have tried any of these yarn projects. Feel free to ask any questions or comments or if there is something you would like to see on HeArtfully Creating, let me know!

Next time…more knitting without needles, 
Knitting with Your Arms!