Tuesday, February 7, 2017

POLYMER CLAY SHARE: Watch MoClay Show Us How To Make A Movable Puppet

MoClay is one of the Polymer Clay YouTube channels that I have been watching for two years now! She is another polymer clay artist who has offered inspiration, ideas, how to information and is just plain fascinating to watch because of what she comes up with. As far as I can deduce, she is from somewhere across the ocean from us in Canada. I wanted to show you her video on how to make a moveable poly clay puppet. Hope you are inspired and her work inspires you to try something you haven't before.
Click the video below to watch. I have added a few of my favourite MoClay video tutorials down the page. 

HeArtfully Creating!

DIY Clown push puppet

 How to make a brooch with a faux knit miniature - DIY tutorial

DIY Bracelet with Turtle Cane

Epiphany - How to make a movable scene

Miniature Tea Time scene - Polymer clay pendant

How to make faux Lapis Lazuli

Push button cat

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