Monday, October 24, 2016

POLYMER CLAY JOURNEY: A HeArtfully Creating Summer

Some flowers I enjoyed creating this summer...
Hope everyone had a great summer! Did you all enjoy creating? Whether it is drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, weaving, cooking, singing, knitting.....well, the list is endless when it comes to creativity. Bottom line, hope the creative wheels were whirring away. It has been a while since posting any articles because our computer died and I had to learn how to work on a lap top. Actually, I tried an IPad first but couldn't get it to do what I usually do on a computer. Because my hands and arms have weakened muscles, using a laptop has been a challenge. For me, the keyboard is too far ahead so it is a challenge reaching the keys. In fact, as I type this I am using one hand and a pencil eraser to reach. See, there is always a way to accomplish tasks.
HeArtfully Creating
Not only did I spend the summer figuring out our computer situation, but, our street was totally under heavy construction. That meant not being able to come and go freely because our driveway had a deep cavernous, drop off for a bit along with scrambled dirt for a street. My husband and I both use wheelchairs and cavernous holes and scrambled dirt make mobility a challenge. Thankfully, I enjoy creating so much that I rarely leave home anyway! That means I spent my time doing the very thing I love, creating. I wanted to share some random photos of my polymer clay pieces. Some as works in progress as well as finished beads and cabochons. 

Slicing The cane to make the flowers you see at the top of the page. 

Ready For The Oven 

Cabochons and Beads All Baked And Ready To Be Transformed

Recently, I also made a spool for spool knitting out of polymer clay and 18 gauge wire for the prongs! My Dad taught me about spool knitting when I was jus a wee one :o)
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HeArtfully Creating,
Anita :o)

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