Friday, May 13, 2016

STUDIO LIFE: What I've Been Working On This Week?

It's been a fast paced spring so far trying to complete polymer clay designs for my online Etsy Shop. That's why sharing links with your friends and family, always helps out artists like me! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Hint, hint ;o)
Since HeArtfully Creating is about creating and encouraging minds of all ages to create, I thought it made sense to share what I've been working on for weeks now. If you follow this blog, you know I have a shop online with  Etsy called, A Bergie Creation. As most fashion accessories do, there are seasonal pieces. Well, I am a visual artist and not a merchandise expert, but I do want to offer new jewelry pieces in my shop each season and between. One thing I have been learning is that, it takes so much time for me to create my pieces from beginning to end, that I am not getting them completed in time. Of course that is just in my mind. So I have accepted that fact and am steadily working on my designs, finishing them up and then designing pieces of wearable art with them! And once they are complete, then to offer the best photos possible for potential customers to see, I literally take hundreds of photos, then edit the best ones and format them for my shop. As well, marketing your shop is important, hence blogs and social media.

Since the process is part of the fun, I thought I would try to post more Studio Life, In Process photos and blog articles. So below are some more puffy heart pendants and charms or dangles that I have been working on this week. And here is the link to my A Bergie Creation, shop blog.

I would love to hear from you if you have requests, questions, thoughts or comments. Make sure you always enjoy creating!

A Bergie Creation, my Etsy Shop is HERE - click and share !! Thanks!!

Here's the link to more pics on my shop blog:
A Bergie Creation: STUDIO LIFE: Puffy Heart Obsession: My growing collection of hearts. Contemplating having fun with some Steam punk motifs too! To see my Etsy Shop,  Bergie Creation...

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