Monday, April 4, 2016

POLYMER CLAY ADVENTURE: A 3d "Card" For My Dad's Birthday

Yay! I just posted my YouTube video that I meant to do last week. Editing a bazillion photos, and all that goes with producing a decent quality video takes far more time than those who don't make them, know. It is worth all the work, especially if you love creating. So if you haven't ever tried movie or video making and are interested, try it out. It is great to have a visual record of your creations or make tutorials and even vlogging, sharing your supper with the world on video, ha ha. Don't be like me and start out with shorter videos, then you can build up as you become familiar with the movie software your using.

On that note, here is my "Dad's Birthday Figurine" video as well as some more pictures. Imagine how many more photos I could have had if I had taken pics of each and every stage of the creating it process. Including the moment my husband suggested using one of my gray hairs to use as fishing line for the pole. Take a close look and you will see!

This piece has two part epoxy resin for the whole water effect. I love resin. It reminds me of my Grandma Harris (my Dad's mom). I got to watch her make a coffee table using resin and sea shells from her trip to Hawaii. She's been in Heaven now for decades, but, I still remember all her creativity inspiring me as a child. Meant a lot.

Hope you feel a little inspired to create, in two or three dimensional form. Most importantly have fun!

HeArtfully Creating,
Click to watch the Video Below...

A few extra photos for fun....will come later...

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