Saturday, February 20, 2016

Polymer Clay Journey: Personalized Birthday Gift For My Mom

For starters this is a submission for Katers Acres 2016 Polymer Clay Challenge! Check out her great challenge if you are seeking motivation to create in clay.
If you are loving polymer clay as much as I am these days, then you too may have been not just trying to create handmade beads and pendants for jewellery, but 
you have also discovered how wonderful it is to make extra special, personalized gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. If you look back, you will see that this is my third celebration figurine/ornament.

Traditionally, if you follow this blog at all, you will know that my traditional way of doing this was making personalized greeting cards. Click here and here for a couple of previous articles about personalized card making.

As always, I snapped a million photos to capture, the before, during and after stages. So bear with me, I consider the many photos a part of my archive. It does help to record your creative process and results. When you life for half a century like me, you tend to forget the many things you have worked on. So it is helpful to take pictures, like you would for a family photo album. And since many of my pieces either end up given away as a gift or sold, it is nice to have a record of it all.
On With The Show, This Is It!
Watch my newest You Tube Video, to share the creative process for this special piece for my Mom. Sorry, I didn't capture every single stage, too focused on enjoying myself. Hope there is something helpful or at least inspiring in it, to encourage you to get your creative groove on! Click video below to see!

Heartfully Creating,

Here are a few More Pics If you want a closer look....
Rocks and foil are folded within the base....

Textured to look like a real cupcake! Shaded to look real!

Love cheap eyeshadow kits to colour the raw clay surface!

Back view before baking...

Baked and ready for high lights and glaze.