Sunday, November 29, 2015

Polymer Clay Adventure: 2015 Pavelka Project

I know 2015 is almost over, but it is better late than never. Recently
I discovered a great way to be inspired to create. As an artist, I may always have ideas of what to do next in my head, but that can be a problem. Too many ideas that seem to collide all at once, leaving me overwhelmed. Katie Oskin is a great Polymer Clay Artist that I have discovered in my learning about polymer clay adventure. She offers challenges to help artists have weekly and monthly goals. An excellent idea. It helps me to have an idea. This article is inspired by another poly clay artist, Lisa Pavelka.
Each project is based on her book about the basic fundamentals  of polymer clay.

This month's project was to transform a basic glass jar into something unique using polymer clay.
I wanted to share before and after photos of the jar I did. The design was created using hand mixed translucent red polymer clay. I prefer Premo aand Fimo. Hey, they rhyme. My goal was to make a piece that would be a sort of faux stained glass effect. You can see once it was baked, that a lit tea light, causes the poppies to glow.
Here is the accompanying You Tube video so you can see the details...

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HeArtfully Creating,
A Collage From Start To Finish!

The jar completed with a lit tea light inside

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