Thursday, November 12, 2015

Creative Ways To Reuse EOS "lip balm" containers...

Lip Balm And Creativity?
Heartily Creating is about encouraging and inspiring folks of all ages to create, especially young ones. I remember being young, sooooo long ago :o) So what does reusing an EOS Lip Balm container
have to do with creativity? Just so you  know, that was what I asked myself as I searched out for DIY
videos on how to make a handmade lip balm to put into an EOS container. I may be an old person,
but I am an artist and I must confess that I never heard of EOS until this year. I saw it in an online shop and because I am a visual artist first and foremost, I actually tend to by things because of how they look! I saw these little round orbs and loved the unique shape and colour, one even had stripes!
A Side Note: EOS Review
My review regarding the actual lip balm product? Well, sorry, my husband and I are huge lip balm users and therefore experts on the topic...maybe not experts but we have an opinion. Because I have been making my own lip balm formula for a couple of years now and loving the results, EOS, is not anywhere near as moisturizing and slick. In fact, it may look and smell great, it may even last a long time, but it is because there is too much beeswax or whatever kind of wax they use. It makes it too firm and therefore when it is applied to the lips, I have to rub it back and forth a dozen times to feel like I have enough on my lips and even then, I am left feeling unsatisfied.
Better Balm Option-Personally Speaking...
My balm recipe is not really measured, based on experience and research I add about 2 parts beeswax, 3-4 parts refined virgin coconut oil, a few drops of vitamin e oil, 1 part or so of coco butter unrefined and unrefined shea butter. Like I said not really a recipe. but boy does it turn out moisturizing and slick. It isn't "waxy" like EOS and other balms can be. Oh and did I tell you the EOS peppermint balm is unusable by both of us because it burns our lips, just too strong and I like mint!
EOS Container Creativity
On that note, creating anything is part of creativity, so that justifies posting this article on Heartfully creating. I am about to create some new handmade balm after we dig out and clean our full EOS balm containers (no, we haven't even used it all up - the mint - nothing used). Right below is the video I plan to use to help me figure out how to reuse the EOS container to get my DIY balm inside. That lead me to seeing the other YT videos about resuming EOS. Not for lip balm but other things I never would have thought of. See what happens when you are in creative mode?

Be inspired :o)

HeArtfullyy Creating,

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